Michael ThГјrnau

Michael ThГјrnau

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Oh, Honey, Get Over It! Aren't you a bit behind the times? And think about what you do--pissing into a beer can on a coffee table from across the room of your trash trailer, while staring at your White Surpremacist Confederate flag, and then sucking wisdom from your mother's teat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was only one victim and that was Gene. Who cares if Bob was tormented. That does not give home carte blanche to murder someone.

Tired of the crutch people use. Yup doesnt matter who was gay who was not BOB was bat shit crazy.. A sicko rapist stalker and a murderer..

Fuck him good riddance! Cheryl, Hey, you are entitled to your opinion. But I never said Bob was justified doing what he did.

And the only thing I find insulting in the gay community--of which I am a member--is its occasional superficiality.

Your lack of compassion for the torment Bob was going through-- and again I am not justifying what he did--makes me question the kind of person you are.

And you call me an awful person? I wouldn't so judgemental Nurslaura37, I don't dispute what you say about Bob. But stop to think what made him this way--he was troubled long before meeting Gene.

We don't know Bob's back story, but I bet the anti-gay climate he was most likely raised around contributed to his mental state.

The tragedy is he did not get the help he needed, or none of this would have happened. I worked at a courthouse and the restraining orders I saw, mostly for women trying to escape men, but a few the other way, were terrifying.

It's a mental health issue. Further, you did not address the issue of how you seemed to have been present to witness Gene's rejection.

Many people I love are gay,and you do them a disservice when you use his sexual orientation as an excuse for a heinous and despicable act.

Attagirl, I never said Bob doing what he did was justified. Nor did I say it stemmed from his homosexuality. I agree he was mentally ill.

But it cannot be denied the homosexual issues, never resolved, were a component. I worked at an LGBQT violence project as a volunteer and was appalled at how much domestic abuse is out there in the gay community.

It knows no bounds. I appreciate your comments. But, again, I don't think I was using Bob's homosexuality as the sole excuse for what he did.

It was wrong to do, but gay issues nevertheless contributed to it. Well, Nancy! You are a wicked queen! Look in a mirror???? Back at you, dear?

Who is the fairest one of all. Seriously, I wanted to alert you and all commentators on this piece that this story is going to be done again, on ID, next Saturday night, on the series, "The Killer Beside Me.

This story is so disturbing because these people were so completely unaware of this guy's sickness until it was too late.

It's important to note that this was an act committed by a psychopath who, like Jeffrey Dahmer, wanted to possess the object of his fixation by force.

He didn't see Gene as a person, and that's important to understand when you assume any repression of homosexuality had anything to do with it.

In fact, I think it's hurtful and unfair to even factor it in. As you said, you were born in a time when homosexuality was considered sexual deviancy, and despite your own orientation I wonder if you don't still kind of believe it.

Lots of people are repressed, abused, persecuted, rejected, and victimized. They don't brutally murder and mutilate people because of it.

Homosexuality is no different. This man stalked and killed another human being because he had no ability to feel remorse or compassion, not because he was gay and not because someone reacted wrong.

There are too many of these anti-social disorders in the world now. Frontal lobe damage from lead exposure?

I don't know, but I don't trust anyone anymore. Jesus, how do you know what happened when Thurnau got shot? How do you know Bob was spurned and treated to anti gay sentiments.

What a stupid, silly post here. Making fun of a fucked up situation that has nothing to do with Gay Rights, or Straight Rights or anything lik that.

This Bob guy was just mentally disturbed, first and foremost. Raven Queen I love your sense of humor and realize your review was done in a light hearted manner and not with vicious intent.

I stumbled on this by accident but I wish I knew how and where I would go to read your blogs. Love your style my dear. The whole story is sad Bob was not a victim in this case..

I guarantee it I pray his wife family and friends are given the ability to be at peace.. I don't know why anyone would ever say there were 2 victims.

That's laughable, there was one. Gene got killed for being friendly. It blows my mind someone would feel sorry for bob after what he did to the only person who was nice to him.

This article is terrible! You should be ashamed! You all but blamed the victim for his own murder!

All he did was try to be a nice, warm, and welcoming person and this psycho killed him. He took a wonderful person from this world and you make light of that fact in this article.

Two things bothered me about your article. Your writing style, opinions, and use of the! I believe you may suffer from some sort of mental illness.

I found this odd seeing as you literally have no idea what happened because, well Someone who was innocent was murdered.

You disgust me!! To The Raving Queen. I loved this article. I just watched this episode on Stranger beside me. You article was intriguing, funny and kept me wanting more.

Keep doing what your doing. You stand out from the rest. Seems to me Gene and his wife especially Gene should have known something was wrong with Bob, buying the same truck Gene had, following Gene from Nebraska to Florida and buying his house from him.

To me those were dead giveaways and Gene should have stopped it. This is a really sad story about what happened to Gene. I agree, better out the closet than in.

There Bob's psychosis was emphasized more than his homosexuality. I agree people who get rejecred, gay or straifht, do not resort to murder, so there were problems.

I have never denied that. But not enough of Bob's back story is known to understand what made him this way. Pat In Jersey, I have never denied Bob was mentally disturbed.

The recent program on this case made it abundantly clear, There is a reason for Bob's disturbance, and that has never been explored.

Even if he were abused, this does not justify killing and mutilating Gene. But Bob's act was the culmination of something, not a beginning.

Theresa, I agree with what you say. Ultimately the story is so sad. For all concerned. I got the impression Gene's wife was more astute. She knew something was not right, but just chalked it up to Bob being eccentric and a loner.

Even had Bob not been gay, his behavior would have been thought strange. I agree with you, the purchasing of the same truck would have been a red flag.

And transferring to the same company. Gene's brother said that was a hard thing to get, so how did Bob manage it in three months?

Some kind of manipulation on his part. Unknown, Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the piece. Feel free to drop on here, anytime.

Jenny, The Owl Lady, Hoo! Take a chill pin, hon. Actually there were multiple victims--Gene's wife, members of her and Bob's families were victims, as well.

Jaye Jaye poor thing could not bring herself to mention the gential mutilation, and I do not blame you. Are you from Salem, darling?

Because calling me a moron, would be like me accusing you of witchcraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brandon, Let's start with the confrontation.

Actually, even the programmers do not know how it went down, because as you and others correctly state, no one was there but Gene and Bob.

My opinions are who I am. If you cannot deal with it, then voice your disagreement or stay away. I haven't had many comments recently about!!!!!!!

This post was originally written several years ago, when they were more rampant. Again, deal with it! Merry Melodies, I believe the program said there was an autopsy done.

Nothing was found in the stomach. If things had been anywhere else in him, they would have turned up. Granted, it is mysterious that it vanished.

My guess is Bob killed Gene in Gene's home, did the mutiliation there, and dumped it in some watery Florida enclave, where it would never be found!!!!!!!!!

Hannah, I have repeatedly said Gene's murder was not justified. But I still say had the situation been handled better, he might still be alive.

But Gene--and I don't blame him for this--was clueless. Not only did he get Bob was gay, how could he have known Bob would stalk him?

Anyone who has faces stalking has no idea, until it happens to them. So I do not blame Gene. I never did. What I wish was that more of Bob's back story was known.

It may explain how he got to the point that he did. And had this happened before, with any other men? Mark, What Bob did to Gene was horrible, but something in his background drove him to it.

And that was never explained. If I feel sorry for Bob, it is because I believe some extended trauma early in life pushed him to this.

Bob may have been engineered chemically as a ticking time bomb and I can accept that. But combine that with trauma, and, sooner or later, the bomb will go off.

Shelly, Thank you for your kind words. You can read my posts by typing in The Raving Queen at Google, or linking on to www.

Hope you find more to enjoy! ID sometimes repackages their stories. Saw this one a few nights ago under a different title. Yeah, Bob, whether straight or gay, had a lot of mental problems.

Pining for a guy who isn't interested in you is one thing, killing him a whole different thing. Too bad old Gene didn't have a gun in his pocket.

Gene was okay looking, but Bob was a total troll. Sad all around. Slim Jim, I agree Bob was a total troll. Not that trolls cannot find love, but Gene was, shall we say, out of his league.

Being gay and unattractive does not necessarily mean one cannot find a partner. I am no Jake Gyllenhaal, but have been happily married for a time now.

That said, poor Gene never had a clue. When Bob purchased the truck, that should have been a red flag. But Gene and his wife just chalked up the weirdness to eccentricity.

Nothing dangerous or threatening. If Bob had been rational, and Gene more astute, this tragedy might have been avoided.

I agree with you, it was sad all around. Thanks for the comment. Good article. I'm fascinated by this story cause it's bat shit crazy Nothing at all.

That was the first sign he was losing it. Bob was just to unassuming and too naive. King Elite, I agree with you, but Bob was not mentally stable.

Unattractive folk find partners; not all couples out there, gay or straight, are of Hollywood caliber. The first sign of trouble, I think, was following Gene when he moved.

Which is why I wanted more of Bob's back story. Things had been going wrong long before this. Thanks for your comments.

I am glad you enjoyed the post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a very unusual and interesting case that I saw on ID channel. I thought I would do some research to try and get more information.

How disrespectful and nasty of a person can you be! Bashton T. Paahty, Maybe if you had read beyond the first two sentneces, you would have grasped their context.

Maybe not. Because others who have read the whole thing have stated what you did. I will say this. I welcome your opinion, but it is fascinating to me that this post is, if not the most, one of the most frequently commented upon.

Were this a man-woman story, would it have elicited the same comments, or amount? I wonder. Gender and sexuality have nothing to do with it.

Your lack of compassion and disrespect is the issue. Remember these men especially Gene but including Bob have people who loved them.

The article would have been informative without the comic relief seeing that it missed its mark and instead displayed a plain lack of compassion.

Because you are a nut, not because you are gay, somehow you justify Bob's actions because he is a homosexual. Quit being a queen and be you.

As it is, you embody the same disgusting traits as gay bashers: blind devotion to all that is homosexual. Baahston Paahy, I am not unaware that both Bob and Gene had people who loved them.

In one of the posts--either this or the one I did regarding "The Killer Beside Me" expresses compassionate for those folk, who are victimized by this tragedy, too.

This could have happened no matter what gender or sexual orientation-- you are right about that--but I feel so many detracting comments stem from this being a matter between two men, and can't deal with it.

Deal with it, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Primetime, Boy, are you misinformed! If you read the post, nowhere do I justify Bob's actions.

I can understand his motives, but I never said he was right in killing Gene. If you look carefully, somewhere I say that when Bob showed up at Gene's job, and then bought the exact same truck, those should have been red flags for Gene.

I'm nuts? You're the nut, Captain Marvel! As for being who I am, well, darling, this is it, so if you cannot handle it, go elsewhere!

This is when you see the most superficial aspects of the community--which I do not share. Now, go set your afternoon tea, dear!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen, I found your blog by searching the victim and offender by name. Yours is one of the 1st sites that appeared. It has zero to do with any gay pride event or you being gay.

I respect you as a gay male. I am straight but firmly support your rights and do not stand behind anyone who feels gays are any less entitled to live freely and equally.

My issue with you has zero to do with your sexual orientation. Rather, you seem to think homosexuals are better than others and should be considered at least as a 2nd victim when they commit egregious actions.

Had Gene killed Bob because he would not accept Bob's homosexuality or even if he was able to get the gun, kill Bob in self-defense, I bet dollars doughnuts you would be outraged that the gay basher was a murderer.

The simple facts here all point to Bob as one sick fuck. Minimizing or justifying it in any way is just wrong.

However, your lifestyle should be revered, with entire cities allowing gays to express pride for a week.

But damn the christians because they think differently. Hypocritical much? Fwiw, Queen, I do enjoy your writing style. It has the facts and humor.

You definitely inflect that you are a Queen no disrespect intended! I just think your deduction that Gene should have behaved differently to save his life and your empathy for Bob are way off.

I mean disturbingly off. Reading some of your other replies in the comments here, maybe what you wrote comes off a bit outside of your intent, but you still look at these events far differently than me.

I can agree to disagree! God Bless! Primetime, Of course I agree to disagree. That is what this fourm is all about.

I actually do agree with you that Bob was one sick fuck; what I am interested in there is how his upbringing or peronsal experience led to his getting that way.

In the sense of having his life ruined, being driven to suicide, and ruining Gene and his family, I regard Bob as both perp and victim, since his family, too was touched by this tragedy.

I never considered your issues with me about sexual orientation. Though I have to admit, if you had asked me the same question about a gay basher, years back, I would probably have said, "String him up!

Feel free to peruse. I do lighten up, sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be one of those self righteous opinionated want to be's..

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that no one really knows what went on afterJaye Jaye left and for the sake of filling in the gaps the writers for the show surmised.

You must also be the kind of gay person that my gay friends have told me of in that you are an instigator and just expect that all heterosexual people anti gay.

You ate hateful and you didn't know these people. Neither of them would have cared about someone's choice gay or straight only if they were a decent person who treated others well regardless of their sexual preference,race, ethnicity, ect.

Gene did nothing to warrant what happened to him and Jaye Jaye doesn't deserve to have a sarcastic bigot like you putting your twisted version of her life on your pathetic blog.

Spread love not hate! I agree he would have killed her, too. He regarded her as the obstacle! PharmRecruiter, Boy, are you off!

Rad it again! I say how understanding Jaye Jaye tried to be, and how admirable of her not to hate Bob in the face of what happened.

Bob was sick, yes, but this had been building for a long time. Not much is known back story, and that's where all the gay hate must have started!

Never let the Devil in for the ride, because sooner or later he will wanna drive. Gene should have put his foot down when he saw Bob violating his and his wife's personal space.

Most people don't wanna be rude, but sometimes you just have to be, the devil won't play with you Unknown, I agree with you.

Gene was just not that aware, or, as you said, did not want to be rude. Vette, This story was done twice on two different ID programs.

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Michael ThГјrnau Video

My issue Michael ThГјrnau you has zero Sakko Super do with your sexual orientation. I was not trying to be a jerk. Two things bothered me about your article. His experience is not unique among gay men. Ostali sportovi. This could have happened no matter what gender or sexual orientation-- you Beste Spielothek in Schweigen finden right about that--but I feel so many detracting comments stem from this being a matter between two men, and can't deal with it. Sad all. Because you are a nut, not because you are gay, somehow you justify Bob's actions because he is Spielothek in finden Beste Trebbus homosexual. However, your lifestyle should be revered, with entire cities allowing gays to express pride for a week. Being gay and unattractive does not necessarily mean one cannot find a partner.

Michael ThГјrnau

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